30 April 2005

Damn Me

It is
so easy
to say/text someone "Next time then," or "Another day," when asked to meet.

It is
so easy
to simply let the days pass by without a thought as to where it has gone.

It is
so easy
for it to be a month, two months, three, since the time we last met.

It is
so easy
to be as usual, to be late an hour or two, or worse.

It is
so easy
to be forgiven, my past non-appearances and missed appointments.

It is
so easy
to lose myself in a virtual world, to be gaming or to be surfing.

It is
so easy
to think that there is always time.

It is
so easy
to think that you guys would always be there, somehow.

It is
so easy
to forget that some friends are not bound to this country forever.

It is
so easy
to tell myself, "I'd see them soon."

It is
too easy
to take certain things for granted.

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20 April 2005

Follow-up to "Holy" Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I don't believe it.

Seemingly not content with the US$28,000 she made off an online casino by selling a piece of toasted cheese sandwich "said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary", Diane Duyser of Florida has struck again.

Her original auction spawned off a lot of spoofs (both on and off eBay), as can be expected. Here's one, and here's another one. And there's even an ugly shirt that doesn't seem to be a spoof; it looks like someone's just trying to cash in on the whole damn thing.

Golden Palace's homepage shows why they bidded on the toast; their history of "outrageous buys" on eBay says it all. Well, they've certainly achieved their goal of making themselves known.

They also had the wonderful idea of letting anyone have a taste of what's it like to have your face on a piece of toast, and they make it easy for you*.

Here, Megan Edwards of Las Vegas, Nevada, shares how she feels about the toast, and she got to see it in person too.

Well, good Lord (or should that be holy Mary?), will Diane Duyser stop after this? What else can she come up with?

*I almost took this to be a spoof at first, but no, it's really by Golden Palace.

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18 April 2005

Spam Trends?

Notice the amount of "Fw:blahblah"s?

I used to get a lot of spam that had "Hi? Remember me?" or "Re: [insert any name here]" as their subjects. Nowadays, however, it seems that these spammers have changed their format.

It wouldn't be so bad, actually, except that it's not the only thing they've changed.

They've changed the size of the mails as well. It's now bigger at 59++KB, as opposed to 3KB or 4 in the past.

That means my Hotmail fills up faster. Fills up faster = need to be checked more frequently. In case you misunderstand, the bulk of these spam (98%) ends up in the junk mail folder once recieved by Hotmail, i.e., filter working. But even while sitting there (Hotmail deletes them automatically in a week's time), they take up some space out of the allocated 2MB.

Anyway, I've never understood why spammers use the same format. Do they orginate from the same company or something?

But that cannot be.

Is it a case of copycat? If so, it's pretty lame.

I'm running out of things to say here, and I'm getting distacted by this site by MasaManiA. To be specific, I am now reading the comments on this entry.

Thanks to TheBigFuck for the MasaManiA recommendation. And do read TheBigFuck; he cracks me up.

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15 April 2005

Want a SitePal™ to, uh, Enhance Your Site?

I came across this rather interesting web tool of sorts.

As stated on their site: Oddcast’s VHost SitePal™ allows YOU to create speaking animated characters (avatars) for your web site, and add your own audio message via Text-to-Speech or voice recording.

Click on "Text To Speech" (top left hand corner), input some text of your own, and hear how their SitePal™ character will pronounce it. You simply must try selecting Japanese and Chinese under the language menu. The Japanese one sounds quite similar to how a native will speak. The Chinese one, however, seems a tad racist. Try it, and you'd see what I mean.

On their main page (the one that has, "IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3!!!"), click on their "Try Now" button.

Here's where things get even more interesting, as you get to see how you can modify the avatar to your liking. It's rather like making a new character in The Sims. You can change the hairstyle, the shape of the mouth, the shirt, and so on. You can also change the size and colour of various parts of the avatar so as to create something totally alien (literally), or something totally comic.

Anyway, alien or not, I still find it creepy to have the avatar's eyes constantly tracking my cursor.

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13 April 2005

Excuse Me While I Gush

I "discovered" these pictures of my cats buried away deep in one of my inboxes.

These pictures date back to November 2002, the year I got two new additions to my family of three homo sapiens. The cats were about a month old when they arrived. They were kittens* then.

They're not cats of any popular breed that you get from a pet store, but I love them all the same.

Chocolate paws with vanilla spots (with chocolate spots):

They were so cute as kittens, and just as cute as adult cats.

True -- they no longer fit into certain small spaces.

True -- I can no longer hold them for long with just one hand. (5 kilos is just too much strain for my gym-unacquainted arm.)

True -- one of them doesn't even allow me the privilege of having it sleep on my lap. (A cat with feline pride: Meow~Roarrr~ I ain't no lapcat!)

Yet, everyday, I still exclaim out loud, "So cute!" at least 5 times. Everyday.

I don't get tired of their silly little antics, or the various expressions they seem to have.

I never get sick of checking on what they're doing, even if they're just sleeping.

In fact, I don't understand sometimes: Why do people get pets, keep them till adulthood, and then dump them like something expendable and without feelings?

All because someone couldn't resist a kid's persistent begging.

All because someone felt it was good luck to keep one as it's the lunar year of that animal.

All because someone was (granted, understandably enough) taken in by those beguiling eyes on that cute, furry body.

All because someone with the cash had a whim.

All because someone didn't think of all the responsibilities that comes with being a pet owner.

An animal is not an inanimate object which does not feel pain, hunger, thirst or discomfort.

It needs adequate, suitable food and water in a clean environment. It needs attention and affection. It needs patience when it does something deemed wrong by the pet owner. It needs proper veterinary care when ill, and oh, so much more.

Think you're up to it? Adopt one today.

Ehem, I've went off on a bit of a tangent, haven't I? Well, more pictures then.

Yes, that heel needed some cleaning. Well, my excuse is that I needed to take the picture fast in case the cat gets impatient, and I wanted the heel there for size comparison.

And now, the final image for you to go oooh so cute! at:

Studies have shown that people who keep pets have lower blood pressure; I believe that. I believe it's true for me, and for my parents. Unfortunately, the effect of the cats' beneficial presences on my parents' blood pressure may have been most likely negated by me.

*I have an old girlfriend who enquires after my cats by asking, "So, how are your kittens?" And the reply she'd always get first is, "They're not kittens anymore! They haven't been kittens for a long time."

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awww such cute kitties :)

By Anonymous shanin, at 4/22/2005 06:32:00 AM  

Thank you. ^_^

By Blogger TKY, at 4/23/2005 11:57:00 PM  

11 April 2005

Who Made This Survey?

I never quite expected my first blog entry to be about that, or to be written when I wasn't in a good mood.

Oh well, anyway, once again, I was sent something by a friend.

It was a link to a NTUC Online survey. A lifestyle survey that had prizes, which was why my friend had entered my name for it.

I was quite amused by the options that they offered in some of the questions.

Whatever happened to the Caldecott Hill queen (google those last 3 words if you don't know who)? And uh, Fann Wong?

No 5566* when Energy** got listed? And no offense to Victor Hom fans, but why's his name here too?

This is... most strange. So Takashimaya Shopping Centre***, Wisma Atria, Heeren, Far East Plaza (just to list a few), aren't hot hang-out spots? Or is Cinelesiure the most popular of them all?

And this is the one which made me want to blog about this survey: Techno Club.

*Here's a link to an English introduction on 5566.

**I gave up on finding a (relatively) good link for Taiwanese boy band Energy.

***I had accidentally input "Takashimya singapore" (missing an "a") when I googled. Guess what? There were 60 web site owners who think it's spelt "Takashimya".

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