20 April 2005

Follow-up to "Holy" Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I don't believe it.

Seemingly not content with the US$28,000 she made off an online casino by selling a piece of toasted cheese sandwich "said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary", Diane Duyser of Florida has struck again.

Her original auction spawned off a lot of spoofs (both on and off eBay), as can be expected. Here's one, and here's another one. And there's even an ugly shirt that doesn't seem to be a spoof; it looks like someone's just trying to cash in on the whole damn thing.

Golden Palace's homepage shows why they bidded on the toast; their history of "outrageous buys" on eBay says it all. Well, they've certainly achieved their goal of making themselves known.

They also had the wonderful idea of letting anyone have a taste of what's it like to have your face on a piece of toast, and they make it easy for you*.

Here, Megan Edwards of Las Vegas, Nevada, shares how she feels about the toast, and she got to see it in person too.

Well, good Lord (or should that be holy Mary?), will Diane Duyser stop after this? What else can she come up with?

*I almost took this to be a spoof at first, but no, it's really by Golden Palace.

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