18 April 2005

Spam Trends?

Notice the amount of "Fw:blahblah"s?

I used to get a lot of spam that had "Hi? Remember me?" or "Re: [insert any name here]" as their subjects. Nowadays, however, it seems that these spammers have changed their format.

It wouldn't be so bad, actually, except that it's not the only thing they've changed.

They've changed the size of the mails as well. It's now bigger at 59++KB, as opposed to 3KB or 4 in the past.

That means my Hotmail fills up faster. Fills up faster = need to be checked more frequently. In case you misunderstand, the bulk of these spam (98%) ends up in the junk mail folder once recieved by Hotmail, i.e., filter working. But even while sitting there (Hotmail deletes them automatically in a week's time), they take up some space out of the allocated 2MB.

Anyway, I've never understood why spammers use the same format. Do they orginate from the same company or something?

But that cannot be.

Is it a case of copycat? If so, it's pretty lame.

I'm running out of things to say here, and I'm getting distacted by this site by MasaManiA. To be specific, I am now reading the comments on this entry.

Thanks to TheBigFuck for the MasaManiA recommendation. And do read TheBigFuck; he cracks me up.

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