29 November 2005

From My Inbox #2: Chestnuts 2005

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No, it didn't come like this. But all I did was to make it into one column. Otherwise, the choice of format, colours, and fonts — all theirs.

Shoddy e-mail advertising job aside, Hossan Leong and Jonathan Lim are an absolute riot.

I had caught their House of the Flying Chestnuts last year, and before that, Chestnuts Unloaded: Curse of the Black Pearl Bubble Tea in 2003. Hossan Leong is a fairly recent replacement* addition, considering that this is the ninth installment of Chestnuts. The original duo was made up of Jonathan Lim and Sean Yeo. In fact, Sean Yeo was still performing in 2003's Chestnuts.

Unfortunately, I don't know where my diary is, or I'd quote from it (where I wrote about House of the Flying Chestnuts). Let's see, IIRC, on the night that I went, the special guest was asked to demonstrate something with a banana. I forgot his name, though.

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And oh, they had this scene where Chiang Ziyi and Lucy Liu traded bitchy remarks that were sometimes touché, or even politically incorrect, to say the least. An example:

Lucy Liu: In my movies, no subtitles are necessary when I speak English.

Chiang Ziyi: Hmpf. At least I'm not a second-class citizen in my own country.

Anyway, I've already got my ticket for this year's Chestnuts. Heh. Am looking forward to it.

*Just kidding. Hossan Leong is mad funny! His mere presence is enough to make people crack up, as was the case at The Necessary Stage's Mardi Gras (2003). I thought that play didn't quite live up to the hype; it also had this incest subplot that was totally out of the blue. It made the audience go "Huh?" — literally.

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