11 April 2005

Who Made This Survey?

I never quite expected my first blog entry to be about that, or to be written when I wasn't in a good mood.

Oh well, anyway, once again, I was sent something by a friend.

It was a link to a NTUC Online survey. A lifestyle survey that had prizes, which was why my friend had entered my name for it.

I was quite amused by the options that they offered in some of the questions.

Whatever happened to the Caldecott Hill queen (google those last 3 words if you don't know who)? And uh, Fann Wong?

No 5566* when Energy** got listed? And no offense to Victor Hom fans, but why's his name here too?

This is... most strange. So Takashimaya Shopping Centre***, Wisma Atria, Heeren, Far East Plaza (just to list a few), aren't hot hang-out spots? Or is Cinelesiure the most popular of them all?

And this is the one which made me want to blog about this survey: Techno Club.

*Here's a link to an English introduction on 5566.

**I gave up on finding a (relatively) good link for Taiwanese boy band Energy.

***I had accidentally input "Takashimya singapore" (missing an "a") when I googled. Guess what? There were 60 web site owners who think it's spelt "Takashimya".

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