11 June 2005

Recent Pictures of My Cat

Pictures taken with a camera phone, so if you click to see the images at a bigger size, it will be grainy and unclear.

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10 June 2005

My walking, talking, living, breathing English dictionary is back in town from down under for the holidays!

She has the best spoken/written English among all my friends, hence I call her that. She corrects my English at times (and I do the same to her), and I welcome that. Some people find that annoying, but I think it's better to know your mistake now than to sound like a fool again.

Well, I guess I'd be spending the whole day with her when we meet up. And literally the whole day.

She knows me much, much better than I like to admit. Wonder what she'd have to say when she realises I have not changed much. But maybe I wouldn't want an answer to that. -_-;;

Some useful links:

dictionary.com's forum
Merriam-Webster Online

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03 June 2005

A Small Sample of Life

I eat, live and breathe R.O.S.E.

Yes, the R.O.S.E blog is even updated a whole lot more frequently than this one. Currently, my life = R.O.S.E, and I occassionally return to real life only for friends and bills.

Yet, even in the virtual world of R.O.S.E, I get painful reminders of real life.

There was once where I talked to a Singaporean whose name was Eusoff in-game. We were chatting about the game at first, and he seemed like a nice person. And of course, after finding out I was from the same country, he had to ask me for my age, sex, and location.

Now, I don't like prying questions, especially from someone I've barely talked to for 15 minutes. Also, I like my privacy, and like everyone else, I have my own secrets to hide.

And so, how did I answer him?

I said I was bisexual. I wanted to see his response; to gauge what kind of person he was. I believe a person's attitude towards less socially accepted sexual orientations would tell me something about that person.

And boy, did I get more than I expected.

He started hurling insults at me. Any way I look at it, that was the only word for the things he said: Insults. Insults that were stereotypical views of the anti-gay or homophobic.

The funny thing was, he didn't seem to grasp the difference between being gay and being bisexual, no matter that I typed it two times, three times, and more. But that was about the only thing that was funny about the conversation once it went downhill.

I am aware of GLBT prejudices. I know too of the social problems faced by GLBTs. But maybe, because I've been living in such a cocoon/circle of pro-gay friends and seemingly neutral surroundings, those prejudices/problems were far from me and less personal.

Until dear Eusoff gave me a blunt, crude, in-your-face wake-up call.

And it hurt. It hurt to be reminded of reality. It hurt to know and to experience a little of what some gay folks out there get. And I'm only talking about an on-line encounter here, not even a real life encounter. I cannot imagine what it must be like to hear that senseless hatred in person, and to have to look at a face filled with loathing to match the voice.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom of it? Violence, bloodshed, even lives lost.

Well, what else is there to say? I've rambled a little, and yet, I might as well have said nothing at all.

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