08 October 2005

Linky Links

Via Kupfel:
Make sure to click on "Enlarge Image". It's... weird.
Now, that is one service I will not be subscribing to (even if I could), for more reasons than one.
And you know what happens next? Yes, they do stupid, hilarious things that will thankfully live on through the Internet to entertain people for ages to come.

Speaking of stupid, hilarious things, here's one stupid thing that was made hilarious by C. Monks with his blog entry on it. In one of the comments, someone mentioned this web site called Sex in Christ: Sexuality According to the Word of God. It's worth a look. They have a very uh... different take on what the Good Book has to say on sex. (Chun, that is a totally text-based site, so yes, it's safe to view! XD)
Moving on from words, words, words to images, here's a few funny commercials that are winners of the D&AD 2005 awards:
And oh, check out these animations of Sex and the City.

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