26 September 2005

Think you have no problems telling apart who's Chinese, Korean or Japanese? Take Dyske's test and see how good (or bad) you really are at it. (Haha, Kupfel, you're gonna fail this one. XD) Remember to click on "About This Site" for a little insight behind Dyske's creation of the test. I found his in-depth philosophy on it an interesting read too.

Also, take a look at selections from "Churches ad hoc: A divine comedy", which has funny captions for photographs of churches.

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Hey I got 9 out of 18 right, that's 2 above average ! XDD

By Anonymous Kupfel, at 9/26/2005 09:42:00 PM  


You must have cheated! Used some sort of reference or something!!!

I don't remember what I got, 'cept it said "Normal Grade".

By Blogger TKY, at 9/26/2005 10:40:00 PM  

omg ! that means maybe i was better than u ! =p

By Anonymous Kupfel, at 9/26/2005 11:17:00 PM  


By Blogger TKY, at 9/27/2005 02:02:00 AM