30 September 2005

Daddy, Buy Me Ciggies?

Apparently, my dad doesn't mind that I smoke.

The other day, I came out of my room right after having one, and he said, “你抽煙啊﹖煙味很重。” And that was it -- just a one-liner. The second time he remarked on it, he said something like, “抽煙啊﹖有煙味。”

He didn't go on to nag about the consequences of smoking or the price of cigarettes. When he commented, it was in a conversational tone, except that we didn't continue talking about it.

I find that very weird, considering that months ago, he refused to help me buy cigarattes. He had called home and then:



“幫我買Marlboro Menthol。”


“Marlboro Menthol。”




He kept on repeating that and then he hanged up on me. I haven't tried asking him again despite how neutral he appears to be on my smoking, and I really shouldn't, if only not to remind him of the price.

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