13 September 2005

Linky Links

Can you imagine navigating web sites without a single click? Well, it prolly won't help your WhatPulse click counts much, but still, it's an intriguing idea as this cool site DONTCLICK.IT shows.

If you have more time to burn, drop by M90.org; they have a pretty good stock of truly crazy pictures and videos. Start off with this one here. I spent like an hour plus 5 hours or more on this site, just clicking on "Random Image" on the left continually. ^^;; And Kupfel's guilty of it as well!

And oh, oh, oh, you must check >> this <<< out. They are the men with some of the most magnetic voices you always hear narrating in movie trailers. Who cares if they're old? (At least I don't.) My god, their voices are such a turn on! XD (Funny how it's almost always male narrators we hear.) Also, have a few laughs watching the trailer for "Comedian" the movie, heh.

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