18 October 2005


I'm amused by the fact that there are people who will download e-books on these topics to read. No, wait, I shouldn't be. Maybe downloading e-books is preferred as it provides the anonymity similar to ordering sex toys off the internet and having them delivered to your house in discreet packagings.

On a sidenote, sex books seem to be very popular as the condition/treatment of the books in the relevant section at the local Borders bookshop would seem to imply. Now, Borders normally does not shrink-wrap their books (mostly only magazines are), but for this particular genre of books, surprise! They are all nicely wrapped up with the exception of one copy per book that has the sticker on it saying "Customer's Copy: For Browsing". And erm, those are some very well-thumbed copies.

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I was alerted to this one by Kupfel a few days ago.

P/S Would really love to get my hands on a copy of this song -- it's a short remix of the Season II theme song of The L Word. It's one of those songs that get played in the background and doesn't make it to the soundtrack (prolly because of its length as well, only about a minute or so).

1That screenie's of The Pirate Bay, "the world's largest BitTorrent tracker", according to themselves. They're pretty good.

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