09 August 2005

Dim Sum Dollies -- Singapore's Most Wanted!

We're the Dim Sum Dollies with our trollies
And we're sure to cheer you up
With our chirpy smiles and perky cups
A cup of tea with a piece of me
喝茶 吃點心 點心 點心

-- Theme Song of the Dim Sum Dollies (chorus)

Went to the watch the fantabulous trio of Selena Tan, Pam Oei and Emma Yong in "Dim Sum Dollies -- Singapore's Most Wanted" yesterday. I caught them last year in "The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies" at the Esplanade. This year, they performed at the same location but they were even better I reckon!

They are seriously hilarious with their excellent acting, singing, and dancing, and I've been a fan since I watched their second show at Raffles Jubilee Hall in 2003. It wasn't even a-laugh-a-minute, more like burst-your-guts-every-20-seconds kind of fun. I recommended it to two other friends, and they loved it too.

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Ivan Heng, Director, as quoted from the programme book, explains the charm of the Dim Sum Dollies:

"It's not difficult to see why the Dim Sum Dollies - Selena, Pam and Emma - have endeared themselves to audiences and become 'Singapore's Most Wanted'. They are a pedigree of extraordinary theatre artists, who sing, dance and act; who create their own material, and deal with issues of the day in a fabulous and naughty way. You have been warned: nothing is sacred.

In the tradition of the great vaudeville acts, the Dim Sum Dollies are larger than life characters that say and do outrageous things. In entertaining and seducing us with irony and silliness, they take us out of ourselves, making light of life's onerous burdens. In the shared laughter, there is space for us to make fun and sense of the world we live in."

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Also, he explains why the name of Dim Sum Dollies: "... Selena, her then husband-to-be John, and I sat around a table at the Empire Café, brainstorming to name the talented trio. Dim Sum arrived and the idea that it came in threes, each morsel painstakingly prepared to please eye and palate, took our fancy. I think what clinched it for me was the literal translation of 'Dian Xin' to 'Pieces of Heart'.

Yes, underneath the wigs, make up, feathers and sequins, you will find three fearless 'pieces of heart'. I have no doubt they will steal yours as they have mine."

This is just some of this year's lineup: Lucy Liu vs Zhang Ziyi in a showdown of Kung Fu and verbal spars; nurses making sly jabs at the recent NKF controversy, as well as urging patients to give a helping hand and donate; local men (played by the Dollies of course) discussing their preference for foreign ladies over the "overeducated" scary Singapore women.

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They have 3 additional shows on the 16th, 17th and 18th August, so get your tickets fast!

*喝茶 吃點心 點心 點心 = Drink tea, eat dessert, dessert X2
**All images and quotes not mine.

4 Old Comments:

I think the Dollies are displaying signs of severe sour grape syndrome. The problem with many Singaporean women has never been that they are overeducated; rather, that they are for some reason extremely self-centred, self-serving, duplicitous and generally bitchy.

By Anonymous Truthsayer, at 8/09/2005 07:05:00 PM  

Em... It wasn't exactly one laugh every 20 seconds, it was more like one laugh every 15 mins.

The first installment of DSD was fantastic and the second one a little less so (but the Parking Pontianak segment will go down in theatre history). The third one was, sad to say, over-hyped and the material seemed really stale.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/09/2005 09:35:00 PM  

Haven't had the chance to watch it yet but will be doing so next week. I did hear from those who'd seen it that Most Wanted isn't as good as Revenge. Heard from the producer that the opening night was quite a disaster and they rectified the script and some parts of the act immediately. I'm sure it will get better. Think the lawsuit from World Media group has affected them quite a bit too.. Still looking forward to the show :)

By Anonymous Angelia, at 8/09/2005 10:16:00 PM  

anonymous: For that comment, I was referring to the second installment, which was the first DSD perfomance I caught.

Perhaps I'm biased and had stepped in primed for laughter, or perhaps this year's DSD did it by their own merit, or maybe it was a combination of the two; but no matter what, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and their cheer was infectious as I could tell from the rows of smiling faces. (Yes, I turned to look at the audience, and I was in the first row. ^_^)

Among the three DSD shows that I went to, the first one would certainly be my favourite and most memorable (pity there was no CD released).

Angelia: I mentioned what you said to a friend, and he further confirmed it. He heard that the show started late on the opening night by as much as 30 minutes. :S Oh dear.

Still, I'm glad you're looking forward to the show and I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

truthsayer: Ouch. I do not agree with what you said, and not just because I am a Siingaporean woman myself. I have just one question (should you ever see it): What led to that uh, conclusion?

By Blogger TKY, at 8/10/2005 03:49:00 PM