04 August 2005

Avril, Avril, Avril

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I was looking for Avril Lavigne's "Things I'll Never Say" when I came across this site. It has got links to videos of her AOL Broadband concert (just scroll down a little).

Yes, I do like her. In fact, when her debut album "Let Go" was out, I bought me a copy of it, and I loved the entire album, which is a rare thing I tell you.

I was also in the bloody queue at Heeren's HMV, waiting in line for her autograph, and to take pictures of her at close range. Well, in the end, I didn't get her signature but I did get pictures (albeit a lil unclear) of her in the van as she exited the building. There were only at most 4 other fans with me who managed to see her in that van, smiling and making those hand signs to us. =p The van's windows were so close to me I could've kissed it if I wanted to.

  1. A picture of her looking very unlike her usual image.

  2. Pictures of her au naturel (only her face of course, what were you thinking?!), also looking very unlike her usual image, but in a different way. o_O

  3. A picture of her wearing something you'd never expect! XD

  4. Oh, wow.

  5. Hmm, this is kinda nice too.

  6. This one's from her debut album, and I thought she looked so cute here.

I meant to type just those 2 paragraphs at the start of this, but I ended up googling for images and I just had to put the links here too. -_-;;

Oh, of course, there were plenty other pictures, but these stood out, IMHO. And I came across quite a number of pornographic pictures trying to pass off as the real thing ("AVRIL LAVIGNE NUDE!" Yeah, right.). Some of them were so badly Photoshopped, it's sad.

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