04 July 2005


I received an e-mail reminding me that I have yet to activate an account that I opened at Vnl Online.

I had forgotten about this lil gem of a find. My last visit was 29 March 2005, prolly the day I "discovered" this site.

Vnl Online defines themselves: Vnl Online is a community based J-Pop music videos website. We have over 100 hours of streaming audio/video and 10000+ photos that is constantly growing as a result of the site's community driven nature. Users can upload photos and videos, create photo albums, publish their own sites/albums so others can see, rate other users' sites, use the forums, and chat with other users through instant messaging or communicate via offline messages.

Looking through someone's gallery of pictures, one caught my eye and it sent me googling for the source (or at least where the picture is from), and well... -_-;;

Let's just say I spent an hour or two getting back in touch with my (yaoi) fangirl roots.

Anyway, back at Vnl Online, I found a video clip of "God Save the Queen" performed by X Japan, Luna Sea and ZI-KILL. Oh my god, how long ago was that! 7, 8 years ago?

There was also an audio clip of Inoran (rhythm guitarist of Luna Sea) singing "Gravity", one of Luna Sea's songs. O.o Amazing.

And well, I'd be off now to continue my walk down Memory Lane.

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tky from nygh?

By Blogger Hermit, at 7/07/2005 05:29:00 AM  

Kuan. Visited ur blog finally. and i don think it is nonsensical as u had mentioned

By Anonymous chun, at 7/15/2005 02:21:00 AM