27 July 2005

I Swear...

I know the weirdest people, or somehow, I get to know the weirdest people.


Yes, you, I mean you! *pokes you hard in the chest several times with a finger*

But don't be too offended. After all, this is coming from someone who has gotten called weird by close friends. -_-;;;

I've come to see it as a compliment. Think weird = unusual = not ordinary = not the same = not boring = good. Uh, something like that.

Anyway, here's a stolen pic I rather liked:

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5 Old Comments:

oh yes! i found you!

By Blogger Hermit, at 7/28/2005 11:53:00 PM  

oh shit! u found me! nooooooooo...

By Blogger TKY, at 7/29/2005 11:53:00 PM  

and LOL, look at the time you posted! my reply's like... 10 seconds after yours.

By Blogger TKY, at 7/29/2005 11:54:00 PM  

oh... but i think i replied some 2 days later.

By Blogger Hermit, at 7/31/2005 01:06:00 AM  

ow. fuck. i'm blind. x_o

By Blogger TKY, at 7/31/2005 02:15:00 PM