27 August 2005

Weird Thoughts

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us I have no idea how my cat1 manages to sleep on the computer tower when less than 20 cm away, the speakers are blasting Disturbed's songs.

It tolerates me when I tickle its ears, pull its whiskers or prod its fat tummy.

It trusts me enough to let my fingers roam freely all over its face when it's asleep, and it even lets me pull back its eyelid to reveal its third eyelid.

Sure, this cat has known me for 3, 4+ years as someone who provides food and stroking. But still, I find it amazing that it trusts me so. I can encircle its neck almost completely with my hand; it seems to be so easy to break its neck should I want to. Not that I would, but I'm saying it's possible for me to harm this cat and I can't quite understand why it trusts me. What does it base this trust off? Instinct? Experience with me? Or is this lack of wariness a normal sign of a completely domesticated cat that was brought up in this household as a wee kitten?

1 One of the two cats I have. This is the more active and playful one that sleeps regularly on my computer tower. It's also the only cat that dares to step out of the house to explore, for hours at times.

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