01 November 2005

Yes, I was listening to...

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Ashlee Simpson's second album "I Am Me".

Oh, shut up. Yes, her voice ain't that good (In fact, it reminds me of Hole's Courtney Love.) And she got caught lip-syncing on SNL—so what? She's not the first artist to be doing that, and she certainly won't be the last. I think she deserves at least a little bit of credit for being brave enough to actually try to continue with music as a career.

Call it a guilty pleasure or whatever you will, but I enjoyed some of the tracks on her first album "Autobiography" ("Pieces of Me", "Better Off", "Love Me for Me" and especially "La La". XD), and so far, I think I'd like this second album too.

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Found the underlined portion funny. XD

On a sidenote, when I first saw her album cover, I wasn't paying much attention to it, and I thought she had her knees drawn to her chest in the picture (i.e. Legs against chest with arms around the legs). Note that the picture I first saw was the one right at the start of this entry. Yeah, the one in the RealPlayer window.

Then I clicked on the Amazon link that gives an enlarged picture of the album cover.

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Yes, I may be quite blind, but... but... that picture was small...

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