19 November 2005

Am All Right with Blood Art

Just came across some lovely paintings (via Ivan at Recent Runes) by Vanessa Tiegs. She uses menstrual blood as a medium. Yep, that's right.

An excerpt from her FAQ on her Visual Menstrual Journal clarifies some:
My paintings are a statement about cycles. They are affirmative images that address menstruation visually. It's easy to joke about menstruation because it's hidden.

On a side note, I am displeased (well, dismayed at first) to see that "alright" is listed on Merriam-Webster Online and on Dictionary.com. This word might be commonly used, but that doesn't make it right in my eyes, especially as it seems that people only spell it so because "all right" sounds like one word. And if that alone makes it right, it would make all those people who spell "you're" as "your", and "they're" as "their" right as well now, wouldn't it?

(And now, in an attempt to sound less bitchy...) I guess it's fine for informal usage, but sometimes I wonder if the people who use it know when not to use it?

In conclusion, "alright" is like... a rumoured bastard child of "all right". I regard it with about as much respect as I have for "irregardless".

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